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Oil separation from Anime fat

Animals are slaughtered to produce their by-products which can be well utilized for various applications in day to day human life, thus, contributing to the value of animals. Modern methods for the processing of raw animal fats are characterized by the wide application of centrifugal clarification and separation techniques. In order to guarantee optimum yields and a high quality of the produced raw fat, we have been putting a lot of energy to innovate our equipment especially the essential components of all fat rendering systems, which are adapted by our process engineers to individual customer requirements and the specific raw materials used. At the same time, we place the highest demands on efficiency and quality. The main animal fat which we have been dealt with is tallow, lard, lanolin, chicken fat and etc. Dairy products also yield popular animal fat and oil products such as cheese and butter.

Fatty tissues from both beef and pork are

Anime fat process