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Coconut is an everyday part of life though many are unaware of it. In various forms or derivatives, it is present in food, personal care products, medicine, shelter, fuel, among many others, at least 40 various products and by products derived from it, which include coconut oil, desiccated coconut, copra meal, oleochemicals, coco shell charcoal, activated carbon, coir products, virgin coconut oil, nata de coco, coconut water, vinegar, coconut flour, handicrafts, etc.

Coconut Pre-treatment

Crown Machinery VCO manufacturing is known to produce high yield, products with outstanding quality, as well as low process and energy costs. The Wet Process is done by centrifuges by developing VCO extract at a right temperature that is lower than 60℃. This will help maintain the freshness and natural components of the final product oil which is colorless, sediment free, and has an organic coconut scent. It also tastes much lighter than the oil extracted from a dried coconut. The procedure is completely done without any chemical additive which is the best for human health and nutrition.

Paring Machine

Serve the purpose of peeling the brown and soft outer seed coat or testa. The rugged blade peels off the testa with minimal wastage. It required an operator to hold the coconut during the process.

Washing Machine

Washing coconut meat or copra under the combined operation of air bubble, surfing, hoisting and spraying. The flushing water can be reused after filtering.

Crushing Machine

A hammer mill that continuous crush bulk coconut meat into small pieces, prepare for the grinding process conveniently. All wet parts are made of SS304 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and food-safe.

Griding Machine

Grinder crush the coconut meat into 2-3 mm small granules under centrifugal force of the serrated rotor which works for preparing for milk extraction.

Crude Oil Extraction

Coconut Oil Filling

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