About US

Crown Machinery, Inc. is a high-tech, centrifuge manufacturing and R&D enterprise with four main branches in its global network: USA , South Korea, Philippines, and China. The company strictly adheres to the concepts of quality, safety, and innovation making these elements the driving force for its company’s establishment. Conforming to the thinking of global economic integration, the company stands firm in their philosophy of industrial modernization,Because of this, it has now risen to become one of Asia’s leaders in Biotechnology specializing in separation processing or complete separation solutions.

The company has an assembly of skillful professionals trained in handling advanced centrifuge technology. With 30 years of experience with machinery development and design, through adopting international standard methods, Crown Machinery is now able to develop centrifuges and separators for raw materials within various industries ranging from edible oils to waste chemicals. Currently, the company has accumulated more than 500 clients globally and has received excellent feedback with its products and services. It has also successfully introduced multiple, finished products into the Chinese market making Coconut Oil as it’s biggest byproduct. Today, its goal is to continue in giving the same experience to other countries outside of China. Welcome to Crown Machinery..


We Crown Machinery provided the all series centrifuge and separator on site training, which support the operator or client easily to learn the machinery daily operation , maintenance , trouble-shooting. This training case will keep the operator more professional to realized the centrifuge best performance and get rid of the all running safety issue.

Training Schedule: 3 days (8 hours per day)
Training location: China
Language: Chinese, English and Spanish
Knowledge including: Theoretical separation and process optimization, assembly and dismantling of the machine, installing the all series or client necessary case operating and maintaining.