Animal Blood powder process

Feature: -Accurate separation -High plasma harvest rate -Protect the integrity of the cell Blood products: -Plasma plasma( protein powder) -Thrombin -Albumin -SOD (Superoxide dismutase) -Blood globulin powder -Heme -Paint additive -Immunoglobulin “Blood” consists of plasma and blood cells. Plasma co […]


Like all the other Crown machinery Patent product, Cannabis processing machinery we have devoted to design and research, until today we have successfully made the Cannabis biomass Extraction Basket Centrifuge with Minus 80 Celsius Degree with Vacuum Jacket Insulation which can keep the centrifuge pe […]

Oil separation from Anime fat

Animals are slaughtered to produce their by-products which can be well utilized for various applications in day to day human life, thus, contributing to the value of animals. Modern methods for the processing of raw animal fats are characterized by the wide application of centrifugal clarification a […]

Equipment & tech for Coconut water

Coconut is used in huge numbers of food products. In the market, original coconut water is probably the most common product on the basis of young coconut.Different varieties of coconut yield slightly different-tasting water depending on where they are grown. Our equipme […]


Winterization process is the cold filtration of crude extract to remove fat and wax. Fat and wax will produce peculiar smell and increase viscosity. Typically, the product will be dissolved in ethanol and then frozen several times, each time using a gradually decreasing pore size filter. Filtration […]

Shipment of tubular separator

The three sets of tubular separator ordered by Korean customers are packaged with export wooden case,inspection by QA, transport to Dalian port, then Inchon port in Korea via shipment. The tubular separator is suitable for separating suspensions and emulsions with solid content less than 1% and […]

Fermentation broth Centrifugal separation via Disk centrifuge

Principle of separators: The centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of separator’s drum, realize the separation and/or concentration of suspension and emulsion. Advantages: high separation rate and efficiency, clarity of liquid phase. Types: there […]