Edible vinegar clarification via Disc centrifuge

Disc centrifuge play a crucial role in the production of edible vinegar. The efficient separation technology enables the rapid and thorough separation of precipitates from the fermented liquid, thereby enhancing both the yield and quality of vinegar,by adjusting the centrifuge’s rotation speed […]

Integrated disc separator apply for Vinegar filtration process

Edible vinegar needs to be filtered in the process of processing to remove its impurities and ensure the taste of vinegar and its health. Traditional edible vinegar finished product only in the tank natural sedimentation method, and then remove the impurities at the bottom can be. This method of fil […]

Disc centrifuges in heavy oil separation applications

Centrifugal separation is an important industrial process in heavy oil separation, which is widely used in petroleum refining, chemical and energy fields. Centrifuges, as the key equipment, play an indispensable role in heavy oil separation. Centrifuges utilize centrifugal force and relative density […]

Decanter Centrifuge Design

Differential and Overflow Ports: To maintain an appropriate speed difference between the bowl and screw conveyor, a differential is used, along with an overflow baffle that regulates the overflow port diameter. Generally, in a horizontal screw centrifuge, the larger the overflow port diameter, […]

Membrane filtration Technology

Membrane filtration is a separation technology that can achieve molecular-level filtration. It is a technology that uses the selective permeability of membrane pores to achieve two-phase separation. Using the pressure difference at both ends of the membrane as the driving force, solvents, inorganic […]


A disc-stack centrifuge with CIP system is a type of machine that separates solids from liquids using high-speed rotating discs. CIP stands for cleaning-in-place, which means that the machine can be cleaned without disassembling it. Some advantages of using a disc-stack centrifuge with CIP system ar […]