Decanter Centrifuge Design

Differential and Overflow Ports: To maintain an appropriate speed difference between the bowl and screw conveyor, a differential is used, along with an overflow baffle that regulates the overflow port diameter. Generally, in a horizontal screw centrifuge, the larger the overflow port diameter, […]

Membrane filtration Technology

Membrane filtration is a separation technology that can achieve molecular-level filtration. It is a technology that uses the selective permeability of membrane pores to achieve two-phase separation. Using the pressure difference at both ends of the membrane as the driving force, solvents, inorganic […]


A disc-stack centrifuge with CIP system is a type of machine that separates solids from liquids using high-speed rotating discs. CIP stands for cleaning-in-place, which means that the machine can be cleaned without disassembling it. Some advantages of using a disc-stack centrifuge with CIP system ar […]

DHZ series Disc Centrifuge — separation equipment for paraffin oil and concentrated sulfuric acid

Material Proportion Specific gravity Viscosity Working temp. Concentrated sulfuric acid <3 % 1.83 -37.52cSt 55℃ Paraffinic oil 97 % 0.87 – – Solidity 0.1 % – – – Material characteristics Paraffins is extremely pure alkane, the corresponding n-alkanes, colorless, tast […]

Animal Blood powder process

Feature: -Accurate separation -High plasma harvest rate -Protect the integrity of the cell Blood products: -Plasma plasma( protein powder) -Thrombin -Albumin -SOD (Superoxide dismutase) -Blood globulin powder -Heme -Paint additive -Immunoglobulin “Blood” consists of plasma and blood cells. Plasma co […]

Processing line(Pilot scale production) of Purification and extraction of solid drinks & plant monomer

The system designed & manufacturer by Crown Machinery Co Ltd including  following sections: -material crushing section -fluid extraction section -centrifugal separation section -membrane filtration section Technological process: Crushing the raw material into powder, then through the liquid […]


Like all the other Crown machinery Patent product, Cannabis processing machinery we have devoted to design and research, until today we have successfully made the Cannabis biomass Extraction Basket Centrifuge with Minus 80 Celsius Degree with Vacuum Jacket Insulation which can keep the centrifuge pe […]

Oil separation from Anime fat

Animals are slaughtered to produce their by-products which can be well utilized for various applications in day to day human life, thus, contributing to the value of animals. Modern methods for the processing of raw animal fats are characterized by the wide application of centrifugal clarification a […]