CROWN MACHINERY Disc Centrifuges for Extracting Oil and Fat

There are numerous possible applications for centrifuge machinery, like disc centrifuge, decanter centrifuge in processing edible oil. The olive or palm are washed, pressed and milled, contain oil is then collected and purified in numerous processes. Crown machinery three-phase disc centrifuge is fo […]

Membrane filter & Disc centrifuge system in fruit juice production

Crown machinery as a manufacturer and total solution provider of juice industry, complete juice production line, including the water treatment system, fruit pre-treatment, mixing, filtration, sterilizing equipment, filling and packaging with wide range of yield. As membrane filter equipment widely u […]

Disc Centrifuge apply for Pharmaceutical Industry

Plant extracts are mainly used in food, health care products and other industries related to life and health, thus the factors affect the quality of plant extracts, such as impurities, moisture and microorganisms of. Plant extraction equipment will become an important guarantee for the qua […]

High Speed Tubular Separator apply for Microbial Fermentation

After reaching the standard of liquid fermentation, the Lactobacillus can be concentrated or collected by high speed tubular separator. The following processes are determined according to the tolerance of the bacteria to the temperature. They are spray drying or freeze drying methods to obtain dry p […]

Biomaterial in Disc Stack Centrifuge Inlets

There is an increasing interest in large‐scale production of tailored chemicals from renewable resources. Such production typically involves a fermentation step where microorganisms produce the chemical of interest. The extraction of the chemical from the fermentation broth usually necessitates the […]

Apply Decanter centrifuge to Waste water Treatment in ETP

All parts of waste water treatment series decanter centrifuge are prepared to deliver to customer in US, Crown machinery’s decanter centrifuge series is a good replacement of belt filter in condition of sludge treatment and disposal process of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant). Below are some advantage […]