Disc centrifuge in traditional Chinese medicine

Crown Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a professional disc centrifuge/separator equipment manufacturer, disc centrifuge series including three-phase(liquid-liquid-solid separation)and two-phase(solid-liquid separation) type of centrifuge, suitable for the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine under vario […]

Edible Oil separation / extraction via Disc centrifuge

Edible Oil separation / extraction in the process of olive oil extraction, the main processing is  the centrifugal separation; centrifuge machine such as disc centrifuge(figure below) separates two liquid phase with different specific gravity from mixer of&nbs […]

Disc Centrifuge in Beverage Industry

People’s demand for natural food is continue increasing. The fruit was washed and crushed by belt filter press. The turbidity of final juice product be adjusted by a disc centrifuge, further more improve the stability of juice. With a series models of centrifuges that embed with the juice prod […]

Plant/Herb Extraction Project

Crown Machinery Co Ltd design and manufacture varieties all kind of centrifuge that apply for pharmaceutical industry, specific in Chinese Traditional herb extraction. Supply all related equipment and machinery with herb extraction, also provide technology consultancy service. Natural medicines were […]


Instant tea is tea-leaves extracted with water solvent extraction, filtered by centrifuge, then concentrate and drying process. Instant tea is kind of solid powder that can quickly dissolve in water, maintains unique flavor of tea, but no tea residue. Instant tea can drink immediately, also can be u […]

New innovation cannabis centrifuge – original design by Crown machinery

Ethanol extraction is a liquid-solid separation process, with certain requirement of low temperature, treatment capacity. Crown machinery and our partner that cooperate to innovate a new type of vertical cannabis centrifuge, as a suitable equipment for ethanol extraction process in cannabis industry […]

Separetor apply for Selenium citrate production

A production process of selenium citrate, which uses selenium carbonate or selenium oxide as raw material to react with edible citric acid to prepare selenium citrate, processed by concentration, centrifugural and drying to produce selenium citrate, which is by the following steps: di […]